Every band has a songwriting process. Many bands have a member who is the main songwriter. Some bands might explore more group efforts. Each band has their process for putting together songs. There are ways you can approach the songwriting process as a band.

One of the ways to write songs as a band is to have a songwriter or co-songwriters that write the music and present it to the other members of the band who will give feedback and suggestions about the songs. The group can work together on making the songs better.

Another way a band can write songs is to have multiple songwriters who are members of the band. They will work separately on a particular song and present their work to the band or individually work on songs of their ideas and present to the band who will serve as critiques.

Also, the entire band could work together throughout a writing process as one collective songwriting group. The advantage here is that the songwriting process would play to each band member’s strengths, be it melodies, harmonies, rhythm (bass and/ or drums), horn arrangements, and so on. The final version of this kind of writing process is usually regarded as a team effort and everyone’s baby.

Another way a band can write and produce songs is through jam sessions. The band can simply start playing, using pre-determined chord progressions, a beat, a song, one of two ideas from members and let the creativity flow.

You might be surprised what the band might achieve at the end. It is important to capture all the ideas during the jam session by recording each session and then having a listening session after.

Also, the band can hire a professional songwriter whose idea the band gets hold of, digest, tear the song apart, taking or discarding any part of the song they don’t like to come up with something totally or slightly different.

No matter what process you take as a band, all that matters is producing a hit song.